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Big Apple Film Festival is proud to announce the theatrical release of 2010 BAFF alumni films "Vito Bonafacci" and "Harvest" (New York Times Critic Pick).

May 1, 2011


A film by John Martoccia

"One man's inspiring journey through a crisis of faith"

Vito Bonafacci Movie Poster - 2011
  • Paul Borghese
  • Tisha Tinsman
  • William DeMeo
  • Louis Vanaria
  • Emelise Aleandri
  • Carin Mei
  • Marcantonio Mei
  • Ercole Ventura
  • Mike Rizzo
  • Maria Cofano
  • Ralph Squillace
  • Rev. Richard Dellos

Vito Bonafacci is a successful businessman who enjoys his lifestyle and the riches he has accumulated.

But all that changes when one night he dreams he is having a heart attack. In that dream his mother appears from her grave and pleads with him to abandon his pursuit of greed and materialism. "Beware of the false gods of money, power, status and pleasure" she implores him, and then instructs him to "return to the true path of life".

When Vito wakes, he is deeply affected by this vision and this leads him on a soul-searching journey to understand his life's purpose. In a series of encounters with family and friends, he questions and explores the meaning of faith and the role religion plays in tempering one's soul.

As the echo of his Mother's words fills his thoughts he reaches out to his local priest to begin the renewal of his Catholic faith.

VITO BONAFACCI opens in theaters beginning MAY 6th at the AMC LOEWS VILLAGE 7 (3rd Ave & 11th Street) in NYC.

"HARVEST" (New York Times Critic Pick)

Written & directed by Marc Meyers; produced by Jody Girgenti and Marc Meyers

New York Times Review - 06 May 2011

Harvest Movie Poster - 2011

Opens Friday, May 6 at the Quad Cinema, 34 West 13th Street, in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYC

With endearing moments of humor and uplifting spirit, HARVEST is a portrait of a family delicately hanging on to what was, what now is, and to each other. Gathered one summer in a beautiful shoreline town, three generations of the Monopoli family are drawn together by their patriarch - the magnetic Silvio, played by Oscar Nominee Robert Loggia. In what might be Siv's last summer, years of resentment and betrayal surface. Siv's grandson, Josh (played by the winning Jack T. Carpenter), returns home from college and reluctantly finds himself in the middle of these upheavals, growing up in the process. The superb ensemble cast includes Oscar Nominee Barbara Barrie as Siv's wife Yetta, and Tony Winner Victoria Clark, Arye Gross, and Peter Friedman as competitive middle-aged siblings. Supporting cast includes Kel O'Neill, Christine Evangelista, Daniel Eric Gold, and Adriana Sevan.

With an evocative soundtrack by Grammy & Tony Winner Duncan Sheik and David Poe, HARVEST brings to mind how we all come of age, in our own stumbling yet loving ways, often again and again.

In conjunction with the NYC opening, the producers are releasing the digital EP "Duncan Sheik & David Poe: music from the motion picture "HARVEST" on Tuesday, May 3rd on iTunes and all other digital platforms worldwide.

Q&As with the filmmakers and cast to follow many of the opening weekend showtimes. A monterey media release. For more details, click here

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