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2006 Big Apple Film Festival closing night film "Searching for Bobby D" receives home video release from Monarch Home Video

December 10, 2006

The 2006 Big Apple Film Festival is proud to announce that the closing night film, "Searching for Bobby D" has been released by Monarch Home Video and is currently available on DVD. The film, directed by Paul Borghese, was also the recipient of the 2006 Big Apple Film Festival "Award for Creative Excellence."


Johnny Argano, a young Italian-American actor born and raised in Brooklyn , NY is frustrated with his lackluster career and with how he and his actor friends are frequently typecast.

Obsessed with meeting and getting to work with his idol Robert De Niro, Johnny writes his own screenplay and sets out with a few of his best buddies to try and raise the money to make the movie and to get Robert De Niro to star in it with them.

Stars: William DeMeo, Robert Daleo, Paul Cicero, Tyson Beckford, Sandra Bernhard, Carmen Electra, Jaid Barrymore, Jackie Martling, Frank Pellegrino, Jack Bank, Paul Borghese, Mario Cantone

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