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10th annual Big Apple Film Festival announces award winners! Recipients include "Life of a King" starring Cuba Gooding Jr.", "The Magic Bracelet" starring James Van Der Beek, JK Simmons, Bailee Madison, written by Diablo Cody and much more ...

The 10th annual Big Apple Film Festival proudly announced our 2013 award recipients. They are as follows:

  • Best Student Film - "37" (link to film)
  • Best Experimental Film - "Urban Hippie" (link to film)
  • Best Animation Film - "King Tigermore in Strawberry Fields" (link to film)
  • Best Short Documentary - "Bordering on Treason" (link to film)
  • Best Feature Documentary - "Great Chicken Wing Hunt" (link to film)
  • NYC Cityscape Award - "The Stoop" (link to film) Includes a $500 cash award presented by Richard Bernstein, in memory of his son, former BAFF advisory board member Mitchell D. Bernstein.
  • Best Short Film - "The Magic Bracelet" (link to film)
  • Best Feature Film - "Life of a King" (link to film)

  • Emerging Talent Award - Mike Vogel
  • Spirit of New York Award - Elias Koteas
  • GOLDEN APPLE AWARD - Cuba Gooding Jr.

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